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Technical elements

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One of the strengths of Hangarfusina is the ability to offer products for the technical world made on the customer's specific request. Traditional turning and milling, or CNC, guarantee these objects dimensional precision and aesthetic appeal.

Campagnolo L'Eroica 2018

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Hangarfusina, in collaboration with Bassodesign, has created for Campagnolo a series of displays in MDF and transparent Plexiglass to exhibit innovative technical accessories dedicated to the world of sports bicycles. The main body is enhanced by the logo of the company, obtained by abrasion in bas-relief, while the lid is composed of a single slab of plexiglass.

D'orica treesure

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Hangarfusina has created for D'orica "treesure", two plexiglass displays cut and engraved with the Laser. A transparent composition in which two equal stands dialogue together, to support a showcase for jewellery and precious. We have created a mixture of sinuous shapes and delicate white engravings on the surface, to play with a three-dimensional shape that can be looked at from every Angle.

Campagnolo Cycle Live Show 2018

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Hangarfusina, in collaboration with Bassodesign, has made some exhibitors for Campagnolo, as part of the Cycle Live Show 2018, a salon dedicated to the world of sports bicycles. The accessory display panels were produced, using plexiglass, printed plates and metal components.

Showroom Willier Triestina

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Hangarfusina in collaboration with the Bassodesign Studio, has created exhibitors and a series of personalized supports to help the exhibited objects. The new showroom of the historic brand Willier Triestina can now be distinguished by the refined aesthetic care of the display in dark grey MDF with graphite effect coupled with the application of the noble transparent plexiglass white back-painted and transparent satin.

Summary Stand-Fair security 2017 Milan

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Hangarfusina, in collaboration with Bassodesign, is responsible for the creation of 4 displays for the company Sintesi. The Concept required the creation of 4 exhibition stands for the technological products of the company, which can be viewed through some frontal openings, in a game of concealed spins. Hangarfusina has produced the four exhibition elements structured in wood and covered in luxurious glossy white plexiglass.