Who we are


In growth and transformation, the HangarFusina team wants to stand out for its ability, products and services that can satisfy the customer’s needs in an original and creative way. Ambitious to do simple and lasting things, precise and necessary but also bizarre and fun, unique pieces or mass-produced ones that are distinguished by the method and care with which they are designed and made, trying to combine technical creativity with design and style. One of our target is to create objects, spaces, and settings that know how to dialogue with time, considered both as a measurable duration and as an understanding of the contemporary, recovering the “tailoring” of the products of our Italian tradition.

Our story begins in 1970 from the technical and artistic mind of Carlo Bonato, founder of Fusina srl, which, in recent times, has also given way to the newborn HangarFusina by Giorgio Bonato. Continuing the initial tradition as profound connoisseurs of the processing of methacrylate (plexiglas) HangarFusiona expands its professional skills in the technical article world, using various plastic materials and limited wood and metals. Founder and technical – creative mind of HangarFusina is Giorgio Bonato, skilled craftsman and supporter of dexterity in the professional field. Every aspect of design, production and quality verification is managed by Giorgio and his team of collaborators in the new forge equipped with aids and cutting-edge technologies for specific processes.